Installment loan with instant approval – it’s that easy.

Nowadays, more and more loans are taken out directly via the Internet. This variant offers the borrower a number of advantages. On the one hand, the loan can be applied for conveniently from home and around the clock. In addition, it is easy to compare a large number of loan offers, particularly from the many Read More

Where to get money for vacation?

Ah, holidays! Who does not dream about them when work obscures the splendors of everyday life? Everyone deserves rest, also by law. But can everyone afford it? Usually finances and sometimes even demanding jobs stop us from a real vacation. So how do you organize your vacation? Where to get money for vacation? Leave in Read More

Common loan terms for mortgage loans

If you are looking for a loan, it is always important to know the terms and conditions of the loan. On this page we find out some of what is usually included in the terms. What it takes to get a loan  The bank has certain requirements for you to get an application for a Read More

Incredibly poor survey by Keleydontarosas Loan about the price of SMS loans

At the beginning of December, Keleydontarosas Loan concluded with the result of a survey that showed that three out of four Swedes do not know the actual cost of an SMS loan. I can definitely believe that many people do not know exactly what it really costs to borrow money in this way, but the Read More

Borrow in France for a real estate purchase in Spain or Portugal

Many tricolores seek to buy abroad, especially in southern countries such as Spain or Portugal, here’s how to finance a real estate purchase abroad. Real estate purchase in Spain or Portugal The real estate market in Spain or Portugal can be interesting, whether to buy a property as a second home or simply consider a Read More

5 Ways to Save Money in Summer

Summer is the time when spending is increasing because the summer months offer much more entertainment and recreation. In addition, with the rise in temperature, people’s demands to cool down and cool down are increased, so they buy, for example, ice creams, cocktails and other cooling products. If you do not want your summer to Read More

Loan promise

If you are looking for a home, it is a good idea to have a loan promise. A loan promise is a written document that your lender prints where they say how much money you can borrow from them. It makes a lot easier for your own planning when you buy a house when you Read More

Early credit redemption, when is it possible? – Loan consolidation

Want to see the effects of a pool of credits on your finances? (only one monthly payment, reduced up to 60%, possibility of request for cash, a single interlocutor …) Still called credit consolidation, credit redemption is a process of consolidating multiple existing loans into one. The borrower has the possibility to buy several types Read More